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What is it?
Mini Horslyx is the perfect choice for horse owners who want to reward, distract (or bribe!!) their horse or pony with a nutritious alternative to sugary treats. Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Mint, Respiratory and Garlic formulations and comes in 650g hand-held tubs.

What is in Mini Horslyx?
REach 650g tub contains a 3 day supply of the unique Horslyx Balancer formulation.
RThe Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package, which balances nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing.
RPowerful anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin E and Selenium, plus chelated copper and zinc, to support and maintain a healthy immune system.
RHigh oil content for healthy skin and coat.
RBiotin, zinc and methionine for healthy hooves.
RMint Mini Horslyx contains pure peppermint oil for a tasty and refreshing flavour.
RGarlic Mini Horslyx contains pure garlic oil to help horses deter biting insects.
RRespiratory Mini Horslyx contains menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to help support a healthy respiratory system.

What isn’t in Mini Horslyx?
QChemical hardeners
QArtificial colours

Why should I feed
Mini Horslyx?
RA healthy alternative to treats and sweets that are less nutrient dense.
RUse as a simple hand held reward after good behaviour and exercise.
RUnlike carrots and treats, Mini Horslyx cannot be broken or snatched, so it makes the perfect accessory for performing stretching exercises. Watch our video here.
RDistract during routine visits such as vets, farriers and other therapists.
REncourage horses that are difficult to catch in the stable and field, as well as those that need some persuasion to load.
RDuring clipping to help reduce the chance of fidgety behaviour.
RIdeal for taking to shows and events as a means of topping up vitamin and mineral levels, as well as distracting during times of stress.
RTo balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing – helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy all year round.
RPerfect for older equines with poor dentition that struggle to eat hard feed.
RLicking produces saliva, which helps support the digestive system.
RSuitable for all horses, from those at rest requiring a low calorie diet to performance horses requiring additional supplementation to meet their nutritional requirements.

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Original, Respiritory, Garlic, Mint, Rainbow Gift Set


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