Korsteel Pinchless Jointed Rugby Pelham

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Korsteel Pinchless Jointed Rugby Pelham

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The Korsteel pinchless jointed mouth rugby pelham has a single jointed mouthpiece which acts on the bars and sometimes the palate of the horses mouth. The broken mouthpiece can effect the way the curb comes into play and lessen the direct action of the curb, but putting more pressure on the bars of the mouth and possibly the palate. The arms of the pinchless snaffle contain an internal bushing system, which permits either side of the bit to rotate independently of the other side. This unique action allows the rein signals to be felt independently and communication between horse and rider much clearer. The jointed rugby pelham can be good for horses that tend to put their head down as the jointed mouthpiece often has the effect of raising the horses head. Pelham bits are designed to be used with two reins, the ‘snaffle’ rein on the larger ring which should have a constant contact, and the curb rein is attached to the smaller loose bottom ring and is used when needed. The small hole in the shank just above the curb ring is for a lip strap, not essential but correct for showing and helps to keep the curb chain flat. Rugby pelhams are designed to give the appearance of the horse wearing a double bridle but with only one mouthpiece, useful for horses that are being shown but dislike or do not have enough room in their mouth for a double.

Pinchless Jointed Mouth Rugby Pelham features:
  • Jointed mouthpiece exerts pressure on the bars and roof of the mouth
  • Designed to be used with two reins
  • Can sometimes help prevent the horse from getting its tongue over the bit due to the high nature of the bit mouthpiece in the horses mouth when in use
  • Bushing system gives independent side movement for a clearer action
  • Bit strength: quite strong

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