German Hackamore


German Hackamore

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German hackamores are one of two popular types of bitless bridles. Hackamores are useful for horses with mouth problems, or those that just dislike any type of bit. The German version of the hackamore has a long shank, with a rubber covered chain noseband, and adjustable chain behind the nose. One pair of reins are used on the bottom of the shank, which gives nose pressure. It is very important to fit hackamores in the correct position to avoid nerve damage or restriction to the horses breathing. The hackamore replaces the noseband and is fitted slightly lower than a cavesson, but making sure the noseband is sitting on a solid part of the horses nose, not onto the soft cartilage below.

German Hackamore features:
  • Often the solution to horses that cannot be bitted for any reason
  • Long shanks give a lot of poll and nose pressure with little effort from the rider
  • Strength: strong


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